North Florida Area Conference Website Guidelines

These guidelines are the combination of what was then section 19 of the NFAC Structures and Guidelines (which were removed from S&G in 2006), and the advisory actions of the NFAC since 2006. These are guidelines the Administrative website Committee and the Webmaster must comply with as the committee administers the website.

These Guidelines are as follows:

  1. The NFAC will provide a website.
  2. The website shall be named
  3. The purpose of the website be followed as listed under the Administrative Committee's guidelines for the NFAC website
  4. The website shall include the following items and features:
    1. The Twelve Steps
    2. The Twelve Traditions
    3. The Twelve Concepts
    4. The A.A. Preamble
    5. The Serenity Prayer
    6. The "Responsibility" Statement
    7. Declaration of Unity
    8. An Area Map with references only (name, address, telephone, web address) including non-affiliation disclaimer to local intergroups
    9. Links to GSO and AA Grapevine
    10. Calendar with District, Intergroup, Area, State, Regional, and GSO activities that Area 14 officially participates in.
    11. Upcoming Assembly agenda, Dates, and registration information
    12. Email to the Webmaster
    13. Internet Website Guidelines
    14. Link to Florida State Convention, if possible
    15. Links with disclaimers to Area Intergroups, and Districts on web page
    16. Link to FCYPAA, and ICYPAA, if available and held in Florida
    17. Link to South Florida (Area 15) website
    18. Link to Area 1 Intergroups located geographically within the State of Florida
    19. Area Newsletter, if one is being put out
    20. The North Florida Area Accessibilities document (pamphlet)
    21. A password protected area of the Website for posting of the area minutes (excluding the resource pages) and the Webmaster will change the password every twelve months for security at the direction of the web chairperson
    22. Posting of the current motions on the password protective area 10 days after assembly. (The motions are to be forwarded from the Area Secretary to the Web chairperson who will send them to the webmaster)
    23. The Webmaster or his/her designee will e-mail the area minutes with the resource pages to those requesting e-mail minutes, to the addresses supplied by the Registrar. The e-mail list is to be maintained by the Area Registrar
    24. To maintain a separate Website in English and in Spanish (translations permitting)
  5. The website shall be administered by the Administrative Committee as describe in the motion passed October 2008 by the NFAC. (The Administrative Committee structure, including composition, purpose, and duties are to be followed as laid out in the motion of October 2008)


  6. The website, its name, content and all related computer hardware and software, with the exception of the web hosting service and the internet service provider shall be owned and supported by the NFAC.
  7. The Website shall conform to the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  8. In keeping with AA Traditions the website shall cooperate with other AA entities by providing reference only including a non-affiliation disclaimer. There shall be no reference or link to any non-AA material except to reference or link to specific Internet software necessary to view the website.
  9. In keeping with AA Traditions there shall be no mention or reference to individuals including email addresses and telephone numbers.

Budget Guidelines/ Website Chair
The website Chairperson is given a budget each January approved by the Finance Committee and the NFAC. He/she is responsible for the expenditures of the Committee, including expenditures for supplies, hardware, District workshops, and other related expenses to conduct the business of the website Committee. The website Chair is paid one night lodging at the hotel the assembly is held each quarter, and reimbursed for his/her mileage and tolls to and from the assembly.

Budget Guidelines/ Webmaster
The Webmaster is not given any budget. Any expenses incurred by the Webmaster need to be approved through the Website Administrative Committee (Voting Members), The Finance Committee, and the NFAC.


  • To administer the official website of NFAC,, as outlined in our past advisory actions and motions from 2000 to present including the previous guidelines that were once part of the Area 14 Structures and Guidelines section 19.
  • To insure the NFAC website complies with all the Traditions and Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Is responsible for establishing and maintaining the guidelines and policies that the website must adhere to, subject to approval by the North Florida Area. The Committee would determine what material is appropriate for inclusion and exclusion on the Area website.


  • To carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by providing a user friendly resource on the internet where alcoholics can get information about the activities and business of and within AA's North Florida Area.
  • To encourage participation of North Florida Area members, groups, districts, and committees in the Florida A.A. services and activities.
  • To administer the NFAC website to provide accurate, consistent, and updated information about Alcoholics Anonymous in general as well as the NFAC business information and A.A. sponsored events within the Area.
  • To administer the NFAC website as a resource for the A.A. members, professionals working with alcoholics, the media, and the general public at large.
  • To have a website in English as well as in Spanish (translations permitting).

DUTIES (website Chairperson)

  • Website Chair- To act as the NFAC website Administrative Committee leader.
  • The Chairperson needs to have a working knowledge of the A.A. Traditions and Concepts.
  • The Chairperson is responsible for coordinating information within the committee and to facilitate the needs of the area with the Committee and Webmaster. They insure the website ( meets the recommendations of the Committee and the NFAC assembly. They need to attend the quarterly assembly meetings and are responsible for the website Committee Budget.

DUTIES (Webmaster)

  • Shall maintain the website and only add or remove data when directed by the Website Chairperson or designee as approved by the Website Administration Committee and/or the NFAC assembly. To keep the site updated, scrubbed, passwords changed every twelve months, e-mail minutes out to list maintained by the Area Registrar, and implement the technical aspects of the website as directed by the Website Chairperson.